Facility Rentals

House Mains           

Behringer X32

10 Apogee AE5NC (3 per side of proscenium - 4 in balcony cluster)

4 Apogee AE2s2 (under balcony fill)

5 Apogee SSM (front fill)

2 Apogee AE10 Subs

3 Apogee P500PV Processor

1 Apogee P2 PV Processor

1 Apogee P-SSM PV Processor

1 Apogee P10PV Processor

4 QSC PLX2402 Power Amp

2 QSC PLX1602 Power Amp

1 QSC PLX3402 Power Amp

2 Klark Teknic DN360 Dual Equalizer

1 Klark Teknic DN 300 Equalizer

3 DBX 1066 Dual Comp/Limiter

1 Rane AD22d Audio Delay

8 Whirlwind 48 point patch bays

Monitor System

6 Apogee Artist 4600 Wedge Monitor

2 Apogee AE8 Sidefills

3 Apogee Artist P4200 Processor

1 Apogee P8 PVr2 Processor

4 QSC PLX2402 Power Amp

1 QSC PLX1602 Power Amp

Outboard Gear

4 DBX 1066 Dual Comp/Limiter

4 Klark Teknic DN360 Equalizer

2 Yamaha SPX1000 Multi FX

1  T.C. Electronic M-One xl Effects Processor

1 Marantz PMD320 CD Player

1 Marantz PMD500 Dual Cassette Deck

1 Fostex D5 DAT Machine

1 Sony MDS-E10 Mini Disc recorder/player

1 Sony CDR-W33 CD recorder/player

1 Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro 8024

Wireless Microphone

12 Shure U4D UHF Receiver

1 Shure UA845 Distribution Amp


12 Shure U1 UHF Lavaliere Transmitter


8 Shure U2 UHF Handheld Transmitter with Beta 87 Element


22 Countryman Microphone Isomax Broadway Series B3 for Lavalieres


4 Countryman Microphone Isomax Broadway Series E6 for Lavalieres


1 UA888 Wireless Receiver Computer Interface

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June 25, 2019 for Annual Members 
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