The tree in this photograph has been enhanced by an artist to look as though it has a human-looking face. If you’re familiar with L. Frank Baum’s story, The Wizard of Oz, you’ll remember the trees in the forest that Dorothy and the Scarecrow encountered along their way. The trees spoke to Dorothy and the Scarecrow in a harsh way; and even threw apples at the travelers. No doubt, Dorothy and her friend thought it mysterious that trees could talk. While this image was created by an artist, we often hear stories and see images of things found in nature which look to us as though they have human characteristics. Images like this often inspire artists to create, scientists to explore, and authors to write.

The poet Shel Silverstein wrote a poem called “The Giving Tree.” It is one of the poems for which he is best known, and is the title of a book of poetry as well. Silverstein wrote and illustrated the poem in 1964. most well-known works. It was written and illustrated by him in the year 1964. The poem talks about everything a tree gives to the humans in its life; and about the things that make us happiest, no matter how small they may seem.

Using the tree image above, or the image of anything else found in nature (clouds, stars in the night sky, lightning, etc.), write a poem that would allow a reader to see such an image in their mind. Try to use your best descriptive writing to encourage the reader's imagination; and to allow them to see the image you saw when you created your poem. Think about and create a mysterious trait or characteristic of the tree: does it talk; does one of its branches point the way to allocation you’re trying to reach; at the base of its roots is there a mysterious hole that leads you to a magical land?

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