Scientists, astronauts and space researchers have long studied the mysteries of outer space. They’ve studied “black holes,” holes on the surfaces of planets, and the craters on the surface of the moon.

Almost 50 years ago, NASA researchers had reason to believe that there are tunnels that lie beneath the moon’s surface. After all, there are lava tubes in Hawaii which were created by volcanoes. The belief was that the moon may also have had ancient volcanoes which created tunnels.

Can you imagine what a lava cave or tunnel beneath the moon’s surface may look like? It would be interesting to see what a lunar tunnel might hold—the answers to questions about the early history of the moon, possibly even spaces large enough for scientists to build lodging for continued research of the moon’s origins.

Would you have been adventurous enough to be among the first to travel in an early space capsule (remember that they were only big enough for one person)? Do you think you would be afraid to walk on the moon’s surface, or would it be exciting? Would you be brave enough, if you found a lunar tunnel, to explore its mysteries?

Write about a mystery you’d love to solve, or one you think you’ve already solved. What IS the mystery? Describe, in detail, the steps you would take toward finding the answer(s) you seek. What would you see and do during this journey? Would you rather travel alone, or with friends or family? What is the reason for your choice?

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