**For this and any other multi-person game, please practice safe social distancing and proper health guidelines.


 (4 players, or more)

Playing: Get your group into a circle, either seated or standing with each person being at least 6 feet away from the other person. Have all players cover their ears, except the first two players.

1. Start by whispering a short sentence into the ear of the person next to you , using a “stage whisper” (a louder whisper using more air when spoken). Then, cover your ears.

2. Let the sentence travel around the circle in this same manner and see if it comes back to you the same as it started. (Note: this will be an exercise in concentration, because all players must remember to cover their ears if they’re either the person speaking the sentence, or listening to the sentence.

3. The goal is to get the original sentence to the last person intact, but it can provide some great fun when it goes horribly wrong.

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