**For this and any other multi-person game, please practice safe social distancing and proper health guidelines.

Greetings, Your Majesty

(3-4 players, or more)

Playing: Have players sit in a line.

1. Place a chair facing away from the players.

2. One player is chosen to sit in the chair. He/She must then shut their eyes.

3. Players are then chosen to sneak up behind, at least 6 feet away, the student in the chair, and in a funny or different voice, they say, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

4. This player then returns to their seat.

5. The player in the chair must guess which player made the statement.

6. If the player in the chair gets it right they stay in the chair and this will continue until they get three right in a row.

7. If they get in wrong, however, the player who tricked them becomes the one in the chair.

NOTE: If playing with only a few players, you may choose a variety of “lines” to say, in order to change things up a bit.

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