**For this and any other multi-person game, please practice safe social distancing and proper health guidelines.

Yard Sale

(3-4 players, or more)

1) Players get a few suggestions of items which might be found at a yard or garage sale.

2) One player (Player A) leaves the playing area as the other players group together, at a distance of 6 feet apart (as a “line” of items, from left to right, lined up for the yard/garage sale).

3) Player A enters and begins looking other players as if they were items for sale. Player A chooses one “item” (Player B) and asks them to move down stage (forward; closer to the audience). Player A identifies what Player B is to become by saying something like, “My, what a lovely teapot;” or “I wish there wasn’t a crack in this mirror.”

4) Player B comes to life and gives a short few sentences about their experience (as that item) in the world. This monologue can be very short (30 seconds to a minute) and can be directed to the shopper (Player A) or given to the audience.

5) Player A asks the first “item” to move back into the line, and chooses another item, and the pattern repeats.

6) The scene ends when Player A decides what items he would like to buy, and asks them to walk with him/her off stage.

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