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Hot Mikado

Cast List 

KO-KO (Lord High Executioner of Titipu)        

Jaren Baer 

PISH-TUSH (a Noble Lord)

Ethan Byrom

POOH-BAH (Lord High Everything Else)

Carol Heininger

7 NOBLES (of Titipu)

Zavier Alterio

Abby Bechstein

Kadelyn Becker

Jennifer Covel

Gillian Donley

Braylon Gardner

Sara Heininger

THE MIKADO (Emperess of Japan)

Kera Gardner

NANKI-POO (her Son) Gavin Hull

YUM-YUM (Schoolgirl, Ward of Ko-Ko)


Hope Abel

PITTI-SING (Schoolgirl, friend of Yum-Yum)  


McKenna Stoffer

Peep-Bo (Schoolgirl, friend of Yum-Yum)  


Jenna Reitler

KATISHA(an elderly Lady, in love with Nanki-Poo) 


Hannah Yoak

3 LADIES (friends of Yum-Yum)  

Jolie Booker

Claire Stewart 

Ariella Waters

CRONIES (Ladies-in-waiting to Katisha)

Amy Gardner

Kylee Kent

Juliana Howard

Delaney Wilson 

GUARDS (the Mikado’s bodyguard) 

Jimmy Perry
Jamie Howard

SCHOOLGIRLS (Friends of Yum-Yum)

Hannah Billheimer

Talia Byrom

Momoka  Chang

Chloe Dean

Anna Dudgeon

Olivia Slaubaugh

Alexi Vega

Mya Wind


CHORUS of VILLAGERS and NOBLES (of Titipu)  

Isaac Abel

Isla Donley

Abby Heininger

McKinnley King

Rebecca Matz

Jackie Metz

Katelynn Miller

Nicole Miller

Addison Nicol

Serenity Owens

Trinity Owens 

Marco Polo Jones: The Road To Shanghai

Cast List

Salvatore Isaac Abel
Junior Abby Heininger
Lotus Blossom McKinnley King
Dragon Lady Isla Donley
Lug, Her Henchman Jackie Metz
The Emperor Addison Nicol
Marco Polo Jones Rebecca Matz
Jilted Chorines

Nicole Miller

Katelynn Miller

Serenity Owens

Trinity Owens


Chorus of Passengers, Nobles and Chorines The Cast of Hot Mikado

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