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Facility Rentals

Interested in renting the Renaissance Theatre? The Renaissance is a beautiful, unique setting for any concert, meeting, or special event. Our facility has been host to events ranging from large concerts to private weddings.

Areas for rent:

  • Ballroom: Max occupancy 100
  • Bridge: Max occupancy 50
  • Lower Lobbies: Max occupancy 200
  • Theatre: Max occupancy 1,400

In addition to rental of the space, we provide tables, chairs, and basic linens included in your rental. Additional materials and staffing can be quoted to you by our staff at your consultation. If you are interested in a quote, please call our Rentals Manager at 419-522-2726 X204 for more information.


Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity

Total: 1402

Main Floor: 942

Balcony: 460

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Opening: 47’-4’’

Proscenium Height: 26’-0’’

Depth from Plaster Line to Back Wall: 32’-10’’

Depth from edge of Stage to Back Wall: 38’-6’’

Depth from edge of Pit Cover to Back Wall: 48’-2’’

Stage elevation from Auditorium Level: 3’-2 ½’’

Orchestra Pit

Length: 39’-0’’

Width at Peak: 9’-8” (measured from where pit cover meets stage floor)

Floor of Pit: 6’-0”  Below Auditorium Level

Total Width: 23’-0” (measured from peak to rear sound panels)

Pit is Accessed from Backstage basement

A hydraulic lift is located on the SR side of the pit and acts as part of the pit cover when not in use.

Loading Docks

East Side of Building:

Opening: 10’ x 10’

Height of Dock: 2’-0” above sidewalk

North Side of Building:

15' x 30' dock area

a. North Door - 8' x 10' Rollup - Sealed - Height from ground: 29"

b. East Door - 8' x 10' Rollup w/leveler ramp - Height from ground: 4'

All dock doors have direct access to the stage.

Dock areas are accessed from the parking lot behind the theatre.

Fly System

Continental Fly system consisting of 32 straight lifts and 6 compound lifts.

For current hang see the Line Set Schedule on page 6.

Dressing Rooms

4 @ 4 people (one shower and toilet per 2 dressing rooms)

1 @ 10 people (no shower, toilet across hall) [also my be used as a Production Office]

1 Chorus room, 20 people max

Dressing Rooms have show program and paging.  Paging is controlled from control booth, stage right and stage left.

Lighting System

Control: ETC ION

Dimming: Colortran Dimension 192 dimmer rack (fixed DMX assigned at 1-192)     168 - 2.4kW dimmers


12- ETC Source 4 10 degree, 750 w (Permanent Box Boom, Balcony wall)

12- ETC Source 4 19 degree, 575 w (Permanent Cove)

17- 6 x 12 ERS- (30 degree)

24- 6 x 9 ERS- (40 degree)

18- 6” Fresnel

11- 12/3 Strips

All ERS lamped at 1000 watts.

Strips lamped at  par 56 MFL 300 watts.

1 - ETC Source 4 19 degree lens tube

5 ETC Source 4 26 degree, 750w

36 - Par56 500w Medium Flood

1 Radiance Hazer

Follow Spots

2 - Colortran Color Arc 2000

2000 watt xenon – 6 color boom

Electrical Tie in for Dimmers/Sound

400 AMP 3 Phase for lighting dimmers.

100 AMP 3 Phase for sound.

Located upstage left back wall of stage.

Sound System

House Mains           

Behringer X32

10 Apogee AE5NC (3 per side of proscenium - 4 in balcony cluster)

4 Apogee AE2s2 (under balcony fill)

5 Apogee SSM (front fill)

2 Apogee AE10 Subs

3 Apogee P500PV Processor

1 Apogee P2 PV Processor

1 Apogee P-SSM PV Processor

1 Apogee P10PV Processor

4 QSC PLX2402 Power Amp

2 QSC PLX1602 Power Amp

1 QSC PLX3402 Power Amp

2 Klark Teknic DN360 Dual Equalizer

1 Klark Teknic DN 300 Equalizer

3 DBX 1066 Dual Comp/Limiter

1 Rane AD22d Audio Delay

8 Whirlwind 48 point patch bays

Monitor System

6 Apogee Artist 4600 Wedge Monitor

2 Apogee AE8 Sidefills

3 Apogee Artist P4200 Processor

1 Apogee P8 PVr2 Processor

4 QSC PLX2402 Power Amp

1 QSC PLX1602 Power Amp

Outboard Gear

4 DBX 1066 Dual Comp/Limiter

4 Klark Teknic DN360 Equalizer

2 Yamaha SPX1000 Multi FX

1  T.C. Electronic M-One xl Effects Processor

1 Marantz PMD320 CD Player

1 Marantz PMD500 Dual Cassette Deck

1 Fostex D5 DAT Machine

1 Sony MDS-E10 Mini Disc recorder/player

1 Sony CDR-W33 CD recorder/player

1 Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro 8024

Wireless Microphone

12 Shure U4D UHF Receiver

1 Shure UA845 Distribution Amp

12 Shure U1 UHF Lavaliere Transmitter

8 Shure U2 UHF Handheld Transmitter with Beta 87 Element

22 Countryman Microphone Isomax Broadway Series B3 for Lavalieres

4 Countryman Microphone Isomax Broadway Series E6 for Lavalieres

1 UA888 Wireless Receiver Computer Interface

5 E6

Intercom System

Telex IC-3M Communications Control System

7- IC1LS Portable Stations

4- BP100 Portable Stations 

3- IC1LS Fixed Stations

Video System

1 - 10000 Lumen Coolview Projector

1 - 4200 Lumina LCD Projector – Eiki LC-X50M

2 - Carbon Arc Movie Projectors

1 – Surround Sound Decoder

Single tickets for this show are not available to the public yet.
See the schedule below to see the on sale dates:


2017-2018 Subscriptions On Sale:

June 6, 2017 for Annual Members 
June 20, 2017 for Non-Members 

2017-2018 Single Tickets On Sale:

July 5, 2017 for Annual Members 
July 18, 2017 for Non-Members


To join as a member, purchase a season subscription, for any questions, please
contact our Box Office at (419) 522-2726 during open hours, Tuesday through Friday, 12-5 PM.

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