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Wind in the Willows

Cast of Characters


Narrators: Evie Hostetler, Elyana Weaver, Talia Byrom

Mole, a timid hero: Ava Leslie 

Rat, his carefree friend:  Abby Heininger

Badger, a sometimes grumpy fellow:  Karlie Wilson  

Toad, wild and reckless:  Rebekah Allen  

Usher, of the courts: Ada Johnson

Magistrate, a judge of the courts: Aubrey Miller

Gaoler’s Daughter, likes Toad a lot:  Anna Perkins  

Constable:  Pippa Johnson

Field-mice, always singing:  Kadelyn Becker, Grace Masi, Emily Woods, Kennedy Smith, Abby Beckstein, Hannah Bilheimer

Weasels, the neighborhood bullies:  Isa Donley, Emma Hutchison-Deehr, Joshua Yoak, Danny Gardner, Braylon Gardner, Isaac Abel, Cole Porter

Ensemble of Forest Animals: Allison Burchett, Mallory Donnenwirth, Jillian Donnenwirth, Aubrey Hastings, Lily Kime, McKinnley King, Jackie Metz, Lila Oney, Sarah Porter, Kathryn Picklesimer, MaKenzie Wynn


Slipper and the Rose

Cast List


Cinderella: Gabriella Allen

Stepmother: Katie Yoak  

Isobella, a stepsister: Carol Heininger 

Palatine, a stepsister: McKenna Stoffer 

Prince Edward: Jonathon Schill

John, his servant and friend: Martin Rawls  

Lord Chamberlain, the King’s advisor: Austin Michel

King, old and absentminded: Ethan Wilson  

Queen, also old: Lilly Casey 

Dowager Queen, even older: Anna Schill

Lady Caroline, in love with John: Hope Abel

Montague, 2nd in line to the throne: Micaiah Allen

Willoughby, a footman: Harrison Leslie

Major Domo, in charge of the Palace: Ian Barnes 

Fairy Godmother: Kera Gardner 

General: Gavin Hull

First Lord of the Navy: Joshua Browning

Dressmaker: Juliana Howard


7 European Princesses:

Carolsfeld: Gloria Gutchall

French: Jenna Reitler

Hungarian: Kylee Kent

Eastern: Hannah Yoak

Esmerelda: Elizabeth Harris

Brataslava: Amy Gardner

Wallonia: Jolie Booker


Archbishop: Caleb Tate

Herald: Reuben Browning

Cowherd: Zavier Alterio  

Milkmaid: Claire Stewart

1st Lady: Brie Blevins

2nd Lady: Sarah Heininger

3rd Lady: Eyan Underwood

Bride’s Father, King of an enemy country: Padraigh Browning


Chorus of Ministers, Courtiers, Guards, Servants, Villagers, Maids, and Soldiers:

Angela Allen, Alexa Blakley, Niamh Breault,  Momoka Chang, Gillian Donley, Morgan Eckert, Mikayla Gibson,  McKenna Kastran, Olivia Slaubaugh, Delaney Wilson


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